Iron Hands 40k

Here’s a page for my slowly expanding Iron Hands army I’m making for Warhammer 40k. I used to paint miniatures for the fantasy game about 14 years ago but now I’m giving the grim darkness of the far future a whirl with a chapter full of elective amputees, painted with my wrong hand. What could possibly go wrong?

HQ Choices

Captain with Power Sword

Librarian with Force Sword

Chaplain with Crozius Arcanum and Absolver Bolt-pistol

Chaplain Tarentus

Lieutenant with Power Sword


Assault Intercessors led by Sergeant with plasma pistol

Fast Attack

Primaris Ourider Sergeant with plasma pistol and chainsword

Heavy Support

Eliminator with active camo cloak and bolt rifle

Sergeant with Marksman bolt carbine

Eradicators with melta rifles

Repulsor with Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon and Repulsor Executioner with Heavy Laser Destroyer