Other minis

Here are other miniatures I’ve painted since rejoining the hobby and learning to paint wronghanded.

Games Workshop

Space Marines – Guardians of the Covenant

Space Marines- Tempered Sons (Homebrew Salamanders successors)

Adeptus Mechanicus

Stormcast Eternals

My friend Sam is a really talented kitbasher/converter and is doing an ace job of making a Karazai the Scarred for me. I wanted to put my own scars on him (all 15 accident and related surgery scars) instead of the ones he came with so he’s mainly Krondys with Karazai’s head and any moulded scars filled in. This is the stage just before my scars start going on; he’s just landed on poor Derek the Sludgeraker Beast. He’s in 3 parts (base, body, wings) to make painting easier for me. I’ll be painting his left forearm in a way that represents my phantom pain although I’m still pondering how best to do that.

Genestealer Cults – Rusted Claw